At Fargo Frozen Beer, it is our mission to bring you the coldest beer we possibly can! Can you imagine drinking your favorite beer and it actually gets COLDER while you're drinking it? It sounds like a dream, right? Well dream no more - the #frobeer is here! 

It is also our mission to give businesses something their customers LOVE - and something they will come back for time and time again. Studies show that a customer will choose a place that serves Fro-Beer over a place that doesn't. 

People are always telling us how much they love Fro-Beer, and once they try it, it's almost like an addiction - they want to have it again and again! We get it. Icy cold beer vs. a beer that gets warm? Not a bad addiction to have! 

The 'Frozen Head' can be put on any beer. It can also be put on the top of a Bloody Mary, and even a Margarita! 


Any beer, domestic or craft, can be put in the machine. So if you use your imagination, the sky is the limit as to how many different things you could try. You could put a sour type of cider (no sugar added) in the machine, and put it on top of a shandy, or any kind of citrus flavored beer. The two compliment one another well. A personal favorite is a coffee beer, with a Vanilla Porter for the frozen head. Delicious! Mix and match - it's fun!


Usually if we are at an event where there are a lot of people, we put a 'neutral beer' in the machine. So something like Bud Light works best for that. The reason we do that, is because then everyone can choose their beer of choice, and we will put the Bud Light Frozen Head on top, and it won't interfere at all with the flavor of the beer they're drinking. You can't tell what kind of beer is used for the frozen head. You can tell it is beer, but what kind is impossible to tell, unless you put a very specific tasting beer in the machine. Although it is tempting to just eat the frozen head, it is meant to sit on top of your beer while you drink it so your beer stays icy cold! 



We are a husband and wife team from Fargo ND. Yes - 'FARGO- THE MOVIE'! ;-) Here's a need to know Fargo tidbit: Fargo has been deemed 'The Drunkest City in America'. I'm not sure WHY Fargo was picked for that. Maybe it's because this whole area really LOVES their beer! It's almost like a religion. Craft breweries are on the rise here, and I do believe we have some of the best tasting craft beer in the country. And of course it tastes even better with a Frozen Head on top!


Our company was born all because of a vacation we took to Florida in the Spring of 2017. We tried our first Fro-Beer while we were there, and I was so enthralled with it, so in love with it, that I had trouble sleeping for a week! I knew I had to somehow figure out how I could bring this to our area and share it with other beer lovers. After several months of research, we weren't able to find a company that made a frozen beer machine that we could bring to the US, so we had to design our own. To me, it was a game changer, and still is today. I mean, who doesn't like ice cold beer? I love it no matter if it's the summer or the winter. Cold beer doesn't have a season! ;-)  In fact, I am now spoiled because my beers are so cold, that it's hard to have a beer without the frozen head when we go out! I know...what a problem to have. ;-) 




Are you a fan of a Bloody Mary? You can have a delicious Bloody Mary with a frozen head on top - the 'Fro-Bloody Mary.' You can pass on the beer chaser or keep it -  you're the boss! But pass on the ice - it's definitely not needed. 


It's called a 'Half and Half' in an Irish Bar


For the person who likes that extra something in a beer - perhaps a stout? You'd love the Fro-Black and Tan! It's half Guinness and half Pale Ale or Lager. Pictured here, it's topped with a Guinness Frozen Head! Delicious!




We have a machine that looks like a 'slushy' machine, but it's much more than that. To say the machine is uniquely engineered is an understatement. The frozen beer is similar in consistency to soft serve ice cream. (See Videos) The similarity ends there, however. It doesn't taste like ice cream of course, because it is made from 100% beer.

Only beer, any beer, domestic or craft, is put into the machine. It produces a creamy, smooth product, which some call a 'frozen head' or an 'insulated cap'. No ice is used, so it will not dilute your beer! It comes out of the machine and is just 'swirled' onto your beer, and sits on top while you drink it. We call it the 'Fro-Beer'. 

The frozen head keeps your beer cold, and actually makes your beer colder as you drink it. It also keeps your beer fresher as it locks in the CO2 so it doesn't escape as fast. Not a bad deal, huh? Even outside in the hot sun, your beer will stay cold for a good 1/2 hour or longer. Who wouldn't sign up for that?! ;-)(See our experiment)



We knew the Frozen Head keeps your beer cold and even gets it colder, but we set out to see for ourselves, just how cold does it keep the beer? I must say, I was pretty impressed! 

It was a hot and sunny day with it being 82 degrees out. We took the temperature of the concrete and it was 116 degrees. See pictures below


We pointed a laser temperature probe onto the concrete, and it showed 116 degrees.


The temperature of the beer that will be the 'Fro-Beer' was 35 degrees right after the pour.


The temperature of the 'regular beer' without the frozen head was 35 degrees right after the pour.


After 15 minutes out in the sun, the temperature of the Fro-Beer had dropped to 32 degrees.


After 15 minutes out in the sun, the beer without the frozen head was 53 degrees.


After 45 minutes out in the sun, the temperature of the Fro-Beer had dropped to 27 degrees. We used a thermometer we could actually put right in the beer to get an accurate reading.


After 45 minutes out in the sun, the temperature of the beer without the frozen head was 62 degrees. We used a thermometer we could actually put right in the beer to get an accurate reading.



We live in Fargo ND, so we offer our services for local (ND, MN, SD) private parties, weddings, birthday parties, office parties, and special events. We are growing in other states, so we may be able to accommodate some other states as well, just ask!  With any rental, you would rent the machine, but one or two people come with the rental so they can run the machine and serve it at your event. Prices vary depending on how long you want to rent the machine for and how many people are expected.

We live in 'lake country', and we have even had some people that have lake homes tell us they would like to rent a machine for the summer for their whole neighborhood. How great would it be to live in that neighborhood?!


Please contact us and we can discuss and personalize a fair fee for your event.


Have Fro-Beer at your reception for your guests!

Rent a Fro-Beer machine for your next office party!




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For Bar/Restaurant Owners

If you are a bar or restaurant owner, then you already know the importance of changing things up to keep it interesting for your customers. 'Resting on your laurels' isn't something you can do for very long in your business. The truth is, if you aren't constantly in the know, bringing in the right bands, serving the right food, offering the right beer, then your business will probably not be growing like you would like it to. 

This Frozen Beer concept is very new to the US, but it has been well received. We feel it would fit into most bars and restaurants very well. We've witnessed how people respond when trying a Fro-Beer for the first time, and they love it.  I get messages almost daily asking us, "Where are you guys at today? Where are you going to be this weekend?" So I know there is a huge demand for it. Will every single person love it? Of course not - there are a handful of people that prefer their beer without it because they drink their beer very fast, and don't need to keep it cold. But the huge majority of people absolutely love it, and that's ok by us!

What started as a fun little hobby for us, has turned into more, and we are thrilled, because we just love sharing Frozen Beer with everyone we meet. We sell our machines to any business in the US that sells beer, and we offer leases as well. We can ship the machine anywhere if we are unable to deliver it. We can train you how to use the machine in person, through videos, and over the phone. It is really quite simple. If you live a drivable distance from us in Fargo ND, or live in an area where we have a sales consultant, we offer you a free on site demo where we will come in with a machine and allow you to try a Fro-Beer, and also let your customers try it as well. After that, if you're interested in having a machine for your business, that's great! We will set you up and train your staff so everyone knows how to use the machine.

Contact us for pricing, or if you have any questions. We'd be happy to partner up with you! 


The dimensions of the frozen beer machine are as follows:

16.5 wide x 14.9 deep x 27.7 inches tall

Mon - Saturday: 10am - 10pm CST
Sunday: Closed
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